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Sebastián Barragán Nieto, seorang pemuda, seorang gitaris dari band Grindcore/Violence bernama Chulo. Bagian dari saksi mata bergemuruhnya kawasan dunia ketiga khususnya di Amerika Latin, atau lebih tepatnya lagi di Kolombia. Kami mengenal dia sekitar 2 tahun lalu walau hanya sebatas di jejaring sosial dunia maya. Melalui interview ini kami coba ingin tahu bagaimana sih kehidupan mereka disana, sebagai bagian dari perjalanan bagian dunia yang carut marut ... berikut adalah interview dalam bahasa Inggris (maaf ya ... huhu), disini kami bicarai dari mulai MAKANAN, PENGNGGURAN, sampai POLITIK ... Oke deh kalo yang gak faham baca sambil bawa kamus aja ya?? hehehe ... silahkan ...

NB: Hey mate ...
SB: hey bro, what's up?

NB: This is the time! for interview ... r u ready?
SB: Let's do it! Yeah! haha

NB: haha ... first question ... are you a religious side person or agnostic one? or maybe satanic? hha
SB: Not at all, I consider myself as an atheist.

NB: being an atheist its mean not choose any religion, is that same with the agnostic one? can i have an explain for this ...
SB: An atheist position rejects any kind of believes in a god or deity, meanwhile an agnostic doesn't, its an skeptical point of view.

NB: si, so why you choose the atheist ? is that some personal problems or have another reason?
SB: I chose being an atheist because I guide my life in science, having faith is just wanting to believe blindly.

NB: great, so here's another question for you ... hows your lifes with a society? ... neighbourhood i mean.
SB: Pretty normal I guess, I usually go out with my friends and have a drink, hang out and have a good time trying to stay out of trouble, haha.
NB: trouble? you mean some chaos or riot? on the street??
SB: I mean getting into fights or dealing with the police.

NB: are you studying or work?
SB: I'm actually studying, in the university. Civil engineering, one year left to go!

NB: architec right?? so you're student now ... where's?
SB: No, architecture here is a whole different career, both complement each other and are very close when getting a project done but i'm just doing civil engineering. And, yes, I'm still a student at Javeriana University in Bogotá.

NB: after this study ... so where you going?? get a job, career like anybody else, or you made your own busines?
SB: Don't really know... I would love to travel and get to know different places around the world and the idea of having my own business is also very appealing.

NB: So how opportunity to get a job in Colombia, is that slow or hard?? ... slow is easy i mean
SB: Here's very tough, have lots of friends who are actually struggling with getting a job, the situation here is very harsh.

NB: how level harsh is the graduate title not enouh to get a good job?
SB: It depends, the graduate title could give you an opportunity, but most of the time the money you would earn wouldn't be what you actually deserve.

NB: same situation in here ... its make high level jobless in your country right?
SB: Yeah, here there is a very high percentage of unemployment and every day is getting worse and worse.

NB: so how jobless peoples to get the money in colombia? give me your description ...
SB: Well, lots of people try to find any job that could give an scape to their actual situation, or try selling stuff in the street or on the buses, or even stealing or assaulting other people.

NB: I see, so how do you know a "good relationship" beetween The govern with the cartel ... is that have an effect for the high level jobless in Colombia? or what?
SB: Well, as in most (if not all...) countries politicians and the people who run the country steal lots of money and don't care for the people who really could need their help and unemployment keeps affecting more and more people each day.

NB: is that corrupt politician is a part of cartel or what?
SB: Yeah, lots of corruption. It seems most of the money that gets to their hands simply "disappears"... 

NB: fuck that!! same as in here mate ... btw, is the Colombia have the extremly right wings party??
SB: Yeah and the worst thing of all is that they have the support of an armed group called the Autodefensas so it seems the war would go on and on...

NB: Autodefensas ... is that nationalist or religious??
SB: Nationalist, they were created in response to the guerrilla to help the military.

NB: hha ... left is right but right is wrong ... so, fows about the sparation side?? is they still exist until now?
SB: (sorry bro, didn't understand the question...)

NB: i mean ... i asking about the separation militant, is they exist until now?
SB: Oh yeah, war is still going on, every day lots of people die, between paramilitaries, militaries and the guerrillas...

NB: oke ... maybe you bored about the politics and war ... lets talk about you band ... what is chulo anyway?
SB: The word "chulo" here in Colombia refers to a black vulture that mostly of carrion.

NB: why you all choose that name?
SB: that mostly feeds of carrion* ... We wanted a name that was very from our own, and as the word "chulo" is very colombian and resembles a disgusting bird it was perfect.

NB: so whose the originaly chulo's member?
SB: At the beginning I was doing vocals, and a friend named Ricardo played the guitar, Sergio on the bass and Jorge the blasts. Later we became a trio, where I played the guitar and did vocals, but finally Óscar joined to help me with that task.

NB: So oscar is the last right?? before chulo's come what band that you all play ...
SB: Yeah, Óscar was the last to join in. Jorge and I used to play in Yacüzzi, but he has being playing in a whole bunch of other bands since a long time (G.D.I., Ceache, Esquizofrenia, Desarme, and more...) and Óscar used to have a one-man project a couple of years ago.

NB: BeatZaros right?
SB: Yes. BeatZarros

NB: so, when the first time of chulo, you all play own song or covering ? covering songs i mean ...
SB: We started actually playing both, covers and own songs, the first rehearsals we came with some ideas and created various songs, and also played Asesinos (Ceache) and Police Bastard (Doom)

NB: cool ... so hows about Chulo's come to be grind violence? or is chulo's olaying grind-violence since the first time founded??
SB: We wanted to play power violence, ala Crossed Out, but ended up mixing some elements from grindcore. But yeah you can say it was always intended to sound as it sounds nowadays.

NB: so what chulo's lyrics dominant?
SB: Mostly about our daily life and how politics, religion and society affects us.

NB: si ... what about your reltionship internally with other chulo's member ... you're all in one town neighborhood or what?
SB: We've all being friends for a long time, and all live in Bogotá which is a big city. Sergio lives in the south of it, Óscar and I recently live in the same neighborhood and Jorge lives in another place near where we usually rehearse.

NB: so how about chulo's rehearsal, is there you must pay the studio for rent or own studio?
SB: We always go to a studio and rent a room for 2 hours, more or less 1 time a week.

NB: You're interest with ecological lyrics, right like releno sanitario?? what that songs mean? or you have other song that have an ecological themes?
SB: Yeah, we are very interested in nature and ecology but right now thats the only song that comes to my mind that is about that subject... Relleno Sanitario is about the contamination and pollution generated by factories and the health issues it can cause.

NB: other songs have an ecology lyrics?
SB: No that I remember right now.

NB: haha ... so, what your favourite food sebas??
SB: I actually don't have something as a favorite food, but I love eating, that's for sure, haha. Pizzas are great!

NB: haha ... pizza, so you're not vegan?
SB: No, not at all.

NB: hha ... what the original food from colombia ... i mean the traditional one ...
SB: There are plenty of traditional dishes, to name a few... Ajiaco, bandeja paisa, lechona and ternera a la llanera.

NB: interesting ... which one you like?
SB: All of them, haha, as I told you I love food. They are all very tasty.

NB: i forgot haha ... so how about the traffic at the bogota road??
SB: At peak hours is a total chaos, takes you about an hour to get anywhere. Lots of vehicles and buses.

NB: well that one of a thousand the physically signs the country with the govern corrupt?? do you agree with that? ... i mean the physical looks of the country with the corrupt govermen? are you aggree with my opinion? i mean its linked with the chaos traffic
SB: Oh, yeah, corruption is everywhere, a great number of the roads are very deteriorated because of the money that "gets lost" when they're under construction...

NB: yup thats right!! ... oke did i miss something to asking you mate?
SB: No bro, I think thats it!

NB: oke ... so what the future plan of you and chulo?? You'll merried right? haha
SB: Haha, not in my actual plans but who knows ... For me and Chulo, I think continue playing, recording and having a great time doing what I love.

NB: so put below this quetion about the chulo discography hehe ...

  • Demo//Split Chulo / En Vísperas de un Oscuro Amanecer (Self-Release. Digital)
  • Odio a Primera Vista (Grindcore Karaoke. Digital). (Narcosarcasmo. Mini Cd-r 3")
  • Pesadilla del Tercer Mundo / Mimpi Buruk Dari Dunia Ketiga. Split Chulo / Tumor Ganas (Grindcore Karaoke. Digital) / (Placenta Recordings. Cd)
  • Como Culo Pero Con "H" Colección (DIY Noise. Cassette)
  • Hombre Vs. Tombo / Man Vs. Cop, Split Chulo / Gripe (Grindcore Karaoke. Digital) (Narcosarcasmo, DIY Noise. Diskette)
  • Split Chulo / Sordo (DIY Noise, Narcosarcasmo, The Return Recs. Cassette)

NB: oke thanks for the nice conversation ... but this is the pat one ... will be do the same thing for next part ... adios mate i'll go to sleep now, its early morning here
SB: Okey bro, thank you too and it's always nice to share with you. Cheers.


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